Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Spreadsheets: 25 Years in a Cell

Yahoo! News - Spreadsheets: 25 Years in a Cell: "Spreadsheets: 25 Years in a Cell

Peter Coffee - eWEEK

In this 25th anniversary year of the PC spreadsheet, we can be proud of the progress we've made in decision technology. We can also be appalled by the stagnation of our decision-making practices. The things we learned to do badly in 1979, upon the debut of VisiCalc, we mostly continue to do wrong today.

IT observer Stan Kelly-Bootle described in 1995 the impact of VisiCalc and its descendants: "The PC soon blossomed as the Uzi of creative corporate accounting," he wrote. "The What-If moved to Why-Not, indicting the spreadsheet as the chief culprit in the 1980s S&L scandal."

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

XL2QIF Excel to QIF data covervsion for Money & Quicken

This site is an excellent example of an individual solving a problem and using the Web to distribute / document their solution. ddv

XL2QIF: "XL2QIF is an Excel Add-In that converts data to QIF format, the format used by Money and Quicken to import transactions.
XL2QIF is optimized for frequent conversions, it supports also different date formats (US, Europe, pre/post 2000)."

Monday, March 29, 2004

Survey: 275,000 telecom jobs to go offshore by 2008 - Computerworld

Related to the idea that a well-rounded business education is important - this article reinforces the idea that some components of knowledge and tasks can be moved to a more efficient, i.e. cheaper, location for performance. This is really a continuation of the reengineerin of the early 1990's where processes were redesigned (or at least discussed). ddv

Survey: 275,000 telecom jobs to go offshore by 2008 - Computerworld: "Survey: 275,000 telecom jobs to go offshore by 2008
The move toward offshore outsourcing could save telecoms $14B annually.

MARCH 24, 2004 (IDG NEWS SERVICE) - Telecommunications operators could be the next group to take advantage of the cost savings and enhanced services made possible by moving operations overseas, according to a new survey conducted by Deloitte Research.
Global operators are expected to move 5% of the industry's 5.5 million jobs, or 275,000 positions, offshore by 2008, the professional services and advice organization said today.

What's more, the industry is expected to reap cost savings of $14 billion a year by 2008 from improved call center capabilities and enhanced broadband and mobile data services, according to the research company. "

Diverse Skills Can Help IT Workers Avoid Offshore Ax - Computerworld

A reminder that a well-rounded business focus is important even in the most technical parts of the information systems infrastructure. ddv

Diverse Skills Can Help IT Workers Avoid Offshore Ax - Computerworld: "Diverse Skills Can Help IT Workers Avoid Offshore Ax
ITAA workshop stresses advantages of having a multidisciplinary background .

MARCH 22, 2004 (COMPUTERWORLD) - ARLINGTON, Va. -- To thrive in today's workforce, IT professionals will need a mix of industry-specific skills and a multidisciplinary background as more programming and coding work is moved offshore. "

Friday, March 12, 2004

Test your Defenses Online

From a retirement community in Surprise, AZ - a well designed resource that is very current. I found this searching for online security and virus tests. This page organizes it very well. ddv

Test your Defenses Online: "There are many Web sites where you can test how secure your Computer is online. Some of these tests, like firewall tests are online because they must be run from outside your computer to be valid. Some take a while too, so be patient, eh?"

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Bookmark Pen

Great dual purpose product - always have a pen handy when reading + serves as a bookmark! ddv

grippa slip bookmark checkbook pen "Plastic Grippa Slip Pens: only 1/8th inch thin. Choose from 29 different color combinations. Put them in your checkbook, textbook, diary, or bible.

When studying or conducting research you need to mark many places in several books to reference at a later time. You will also find yourself taking notes. Now you can mark your pages with flat bookmark pens. When you go to the referenced page the pen that marked it will be ready to write any notes you may need. The pens come in over 29 different pen colors. "