Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tape Mishap Prompts Calls for Disk Backups - Computerworld

The same issue of ComputerWorld with this news article also had a link to a new John Cleese ad video from Live Vault. "The Institute For Backup Trauma"
Ad for Video

Tape Mishap Prompts Calls for Disk Backups - Computerworld: "Data Snafus Spur IT Action: Bank Mishap Prompts Call for Network Backup "

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jon Udell: All about screencasting

Jon Udel from Info World on the joys of screencasting. Actually the relevance and usefullness of the media in a fat pipe era. ddv

Jon Udell: All about screencasting: "I've been getting a lot of email questions about screencasting recently, and I've found myself answering many of them with URLs that retrieve various collections of articles and blog postings I've written over the last year. I should probably write up a FAQ on the topic. Meanwhile, I thought it would be helpful to reorganize what I've already written. To that end, I've reviewed and refined the tags I've been using to collect screencasting-related items.
I'll use screencast for an item that is the 'home page' for a screencast -- that is, the blog entry that introduces and describes it. And I'll use the tag Screencasting for items that are about tools, techniques, and the medium. "